Tuesday, February 12, 2008

my good hat

Here I am a few summers ago - 2004? Not sure.
The climate where I live now does not allow me to dress like this for Halloween/Samhain.
Unfortunately, the wire brim of the hat became twisted over time, somewhat like the wearer. :)
A very up-to-date set of photos is coming to me from the photographer at Audio-Visual Services in the university where I teach. He took them last week, to go with my provocative comment on "tolerance" to be published in a local alternative newspaper, The Prairie Dog. Stay tuned.
At this moment, there are billowing hills of snow outdoors - the whole view of the town looks like an unmade bed with various things piled on it.
Tomorrow I will be taking a one-week trip to Cuba during my break from teaching. Adios!

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Caffey said...

Hi Jean. I'm posting all over, first on Eternal and then here! Its really great to meet you.

Wow an in depth review. Too alot of positive within it! Congrats!

I plan to visit here regularly as well and let some other readers know about your blog and book and your serial book (which I'm going to start reading here this weekend or so). Have a great 4th/Canada Day if you celebrate.